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Seamlessly keep investors and advisors engaged with our intelligent Slack integration, bridging the communication gap with ease.

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Tailored Features for the Modern Startup Ecosystem investor update features
Investor Advocacy

Empower Investor Advocacy

Cultivate a strong community of backers. fosters a sense of belonging among investors, compelling them to become active advocates for your startup's mission and progress.

One Tap Social Reach

Expand Your Social Reach

Magnify your startup's voice. Our 'One-tap' feature empowers investors to easily share critical updates, leveraging their networks to boost your brand's visibility.

Quick Introductions

Accelerate Networking with Quick Intros

Effortlessly expand your network. Use pre-drafted templates for introductions that investors can send with the click of a button, paving the way for new connections.

Slack Integration

Intuitive Slack Integration

Streamline your updates. Our Slack bot syncs directly with your chosen channel, ensuring that investors receive consistent and timely updates without additional effort on your part.

Time Efficiency

Time-Efficient Updates

Maximize productivity by focusing on one-way updates that keep investors informed and engaged, without the time drain typically associated with investor relations.

Multi-Device Web App

Multi-Device Web App

Conveniently access on-the-go. Our progressive web app adapts to any device, offering a seamless experience from your desktop to your smartphone.

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I built to turn investor updates into a seamless dialogue, fostering community and collaboration I'm truly passionate about.

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Streamlining Startup-Investor Communication

From setup to notification: the simple steps to unify your startup and investor communications

Step 1
Connect Slack

Connect your startup's Slack with for real-time update sync.

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Step 2
Invite investors

Send invites to your investors, allowing them to join and stay updated.

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Step 3
Share updates

Post regular updates in your dedicated Slack channel, automatically syncing with

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Step 4
Instantly notified

Investors receive real-time notifications for new updates, keeping them closely connected to your startup's progress.

Icon fual innovation by connecting startups with your workforce

Connect your workforce with portfolio startups, fostering an ecosystem of growth, innovation, and shared success.

  • Foster a culture of innovation across your corporate landscape
  • Enable real-time collaboration between corporates and startups
  • Drive internal knowledge-sharing and engagement with startup ventures
Get in touch corporate investor communications

Instant Scale

Leverage to scale your corporate accelerator's reach, enhancing visibility and interaction with every invested startup.


Deepen Relationships

Use as a tool to build strong, ongoing relationships between your corporate team and the startups driving future innovation.


Sustained Engagement

Ensure lifetime engagement with your startups, keeping your corporate team informed and involved at every stage of their journey.

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Your Questions, Answered

Need more insights or ready to start your journey? Reach out to us via [email protected] is more than just an app; it's a communication revolution for startups and investors. It provides a dedicated platform for startups to share strategic updates and for investors to stay in the loop with real-time notifications. By using our intelligent Slack integration, ensures that all investors, regardless of their size, feel equally valued and connected. It's a win-win: startups maintain investor interest and engagement, and investors never miss out on crucial information or opportunities to support and advocate for their investments.

Yes, is designed to cater to every investor profile, from angel investors and venture capitalists to the enthusiastic micro-investors from crowdfunding campaigns. This inclusivity means that startups can communicate with their entire investor base through a single platform, ensuring no one is left out of the loop. For investors, this translates to a democratized investment experience where everyone has access to the same level of information, fostering a sense of equity and community.

Investors benefit from 's concise and regular updates, ensuring they're always in the know about their portfolio companies' progress. The platform's ease of sharing content and facilitating introductions not only saves time but also enhances the value investors can provide. By streamlining these processes, helps investors become active participants in the startup's growth journey, which can improve their investment outcomes and satisfaction.

Setting up is impressively straightforward. Startups can create an account, connect to Slack, and invite investors in just a few clicks. This simplicity is a game-changer because it eliminates the complexity typically associated with investor relations. By cutting down on administrative overhead, startups can focus on what they do best—innovating and growing their business—while still keeping their investors engaged and informed. distinguishes itself by prioritizing frictionless interactions and actionable insights. Unlike other platforms that may offer a barrage of features, focuses on what truly matters: keeping investors informed and engaged without overwhelming them—or the startups—with excessive functionality. Our 'actions' feature, for example, allows investors to quickly assist startups with just one click, demonstrating the platform's commitment to simplicity and effectiveness. This focus on essential features makes the ideal choice for startups and investors alike who value efficiency and impact.

Our Slack integration is the heartbeat of , creating a seamless bridge between your startup's internal communications and your investor updates. By connecting a Slack channel dedicated to investor relations, updates you post there are automatically synced with . This means your communications are timely, consistent, and don't require duplication of effort. For investors, it translates to a cohesive stream of updates, accessible at their convenience, fostering a stronger, more informed investor-startup relationship.

There's no need to download or install software to use . As a progressive web app, it works directly in your web browser, offering the flexibility to access it from any device, at any time. This hassle-free approach not only simplifies the process of staying updated but also ensures that you're always just a few clicks away from the latest information. It's an inclusive solution that caters to the diverse technological preferences of investors and startups, promoting broader adoption and engagement.

While is primarily designed for one-way communication to streamline the update process, it intentionally leaves room for investors to take initiative and contact startups directly when further engagement is desired. This approach prevents an overwhelming influx of communications for founders, allowing them to focus on high-priority interactions. It also encourages investors to be more deliberate in their outreach, leading to more meaningful and productive conversations.

For corporate accelerators, is instrumental in bridging the gap between large organizations and nimble startups. It allows corporate teams to receive timely updates from their portfolio companies, facilitating knowledge sharing and encouraging internal advocacy. This streamlining of communication can lead to quicker decision-making, more effective collaborations, and ultimately, a more vibrant and successful innovation ecosystem within the corporation.

At , we understand that trust is the foundation of any investor-startup relationship. That's why we've built our platform with privacy and security at its core. We employ industry-standard encryption and robust data protection protocols, ensuring that all user communications and information are safeguarded. For users, this commitment to security means peace of mind, knowing that sensitive updates and discussions remain confidential, allowing them to focus on growing their investments and businesses securely.