The Crowdfunding Connection – How Amplifies Your Startup's Voice

13 Nov 2023

Explore the transformative impact of on startups that have embraced crowdfunding, ensuring every backer, big or small, becomes an active participant in the entrepreneurial journey.

Crowdfunding has democratised startup funding, enabling anyone with an internet connection and a bit of spare cash to back the next big thing. But after the campaign ends and the funds are banked, many startups struggle with a new challenge: keeping their large and diverse investor base informed and engaged. That's where steps in, turning what can often feel like a shout into the void into a chorus of collaborative voices.

"I saw a gap in the post-crowdfunding landscape," I recall, reflecting on the early days of . "Startups needed a way to communicate with their backers that was both inclusive and manageable. With , we're turning every investor into a potential advocate and collaborator."

A Unified Platform for Diverse Investors

When you run a crowdfunding campaign, you're not just raising money; you're building a community. recognises this by providing a unified platform where startups can share updates, broadcast milestones, and request support. It ensures that whether an investor has put in £10 or £10,000, they have the same opportunity to stay in the loop and contribute to the startup's success.

Beyond the Newsletter – Engaging Micro-Investors

Newsletters are great, but they're a one-way street. changes that by enabling startups to not only share news but also to seek active participation from their backers. "We're taking the newsletter concept and turning it into a two-way dialogue," explains Oliver. "With our 'actions' feature, startups can directly request social shares, introductions, or feedback, harnessing the collective power of their crowdfunding community."

Streamlining Communication, Maximising Impact

One of the most significant challenges for post-crowdfunding startups is managing the sheer volume of investors. 's integration with Slack means that startups can communicate efficiently, without being overwhelmed by the administrative burden. For investors, provides a central location to catch up with their investments, reducing the risk of update fatigue and ensuring they remain excited and engaged.

Steps to Join the Community

For Crowdfunded Startups:

  1. Link to Slack : Connect your Slack account to and create a channel dedicated to investor communications.
  2. Invite Your Backers : Use to send out invitations to all your crowdfunding investors, inviting them to join the platform.
  3. Share and Grow : Keep your investors up-to-date with regular posts, and use the 'actions' feature to mobilise your base.

For Crowdfunding Investors:

  1. Create Your Account : Accept the invitation from your startup and set up your account on .
  2. Stay Informed : Check in on your investments anytime, anywhere, and see the latest updates from the startups you're passionate about.
  3. Take Action : When a startup you've backed requests support, use the simple one-click actions to help amplify their message and mission.

Crowdfunding is more than just a way to raise funds; it's about building a community around your vision. With , startups can maintain that sense of community long after the campaign has ended, keeping investors engaged and involved every step of the way. If you're ready to take your investor relations to the next level, sign up for today and start forging stronger connections with your crowdfunding community.

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"fual is a powerful app that can connect a lot of services I'm using. It is so flexible!"

Fannie Summers
Fannie Summers

"fual is a powerful app that can connect a lot of services I'm using. It is so flexible!"

Fannie Summers
Robert Fox
QA Engineer

"fual is a powerful app that can connect a lot of services I'm using. It is so flexible!"

Fannie Summers
Annette Black
Project Manager

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