What is fual.io? A startups guide.

What is fual?

We’re more than just another communication tool. Welcome to your one-stop for fast, frequent, and informative updates.

By adding fual.io to your list of startup tools, you can bridge the gap between traditional monthly investor updates by allowing for improved communication with your investors.

Simple integration

We integrate directly through your company’s Slack channel making onboarding as easy as inputting a subscriber list.

Once your list is added, you and your team can start posting and engaging on the designated channel.


Chances are, your cap table can offer you goldmine intros, deal flow, increased social shares, and marketing opportunities.

Fual.io takes out the guessing of who can do what and having to individually reach out by allowing you to input one-tap actions for your investors directly onto the channel.

By putting #help you can prewrite emails for you investors who simply have to click on the request to be redirected to their own inbox.

A #share will enable your investors to tap on the media posted and share directly to their social channels.

With the removal of investors being able to post responses directly in the channel, you can feel good about your requests being a distribution of information instead of separate conversations.

Bring everyone along for the journey

Your investors are worth more than a monthly email, fual.io allows for your company to involve them with everything in between.

Show off your small gains, get your social shares up, improve your intros, and start ensuring that your investors are true advocates for your company.


We make it easy for you to share quick and engaging investor updates, from a dedicated channel in Slack account. Our “What is fual.io?” article and “FAQ” will help you learn everything you need to know. Once you’ve had a look at those, read on to learn more about connecting fual.io to Slack, selecting a channel for updates, adding and removing investors, and getting started with investor updates.

First things first

  • A quick tip: To make this process easier, we would suggest creating a designated fual.io channel on your Slack workplace before starting the connection process
  • Visit https://app.fual.io and press ‘Connect to Slack’
  • You will now be redirected to Slack to give fual.io permission to access your workplace.
  • After reviewing the permissions required, click the "Allow" button to finalise the connection process
  • You will be brought back to the app.fual.io website where you should now select what Slack channel you will post fual.io updates into

Add / update subscribers

  • Once Slack has been successfully connected and Channel selected, you’ll be redirected to the app.fual.io dashboard where you can set up your subscriber lists
  • To add a new Investor / Subscriber, type the email address you would normally communicate through into the email entry field and press ‘Add’
  • Type in the wrong name or email? No problem! Click on settings wheel by the investor's name to edit and make changes

Remove subscribers and start updating

  • Clicking the trash icon will allow you to remove subscribers off of your investor channel
  • With your completed subscriber list you're ready to go
  • Open Slack and begin posting on your investor channel to start updating