What is fual.io? An investor’s guide.

What is fual?

Start truly seeing the progress of your portfolio and the value of your investment.

Allow for your portfolio to update you further than just a monthly report - By using fual.io you can see live updates, requests for help, and channel history of your portfolio all at your fingertips.

Simple to start

We integrate directly through your portfolios Slack channel making onboarding as easy as them inputting your email under their subscriber list and you downloading the app.

Once the app is downloaded and you sign up using your email used to communicate with your startups, you will see the list of startups that have added you to their subscriber list and have access to their full channel posting history.


New updates are received in real-time with an option for push notifications.

You will have the option to mute notifications on companies allowing you to better focus your attention on what you want to see.

Tap to help

When startups are seeking help by means of intros or social shares, you will simply just have to tap on the request to take action.

#help will be a request from the startup for you to send an intro email for them. Instead of having to request specific information from the startup on what they need, just by simplifying tapping on the request, you will be redirected to your email with a pre-written message that the startup has already completed for you to send out.

#share will allow you to share exciting news from the startup to your social media channels. Just by clicking the request, you will be redirected to your social channels allowing for you to quickly post to your network.

Confidence in your investment

As you begin to truly weigh the progress of your portfolio through increased engagement and updates, you’ll feel more confident.

Let your portfolio show you how your money is truly being put to work and allow for simple requests for help to improve their chances of success.


As a member of fual.io, you'll be able to receive live updates from your portfolio, helping keep you up to date and first to know, when they need help. Our “What is fual.io?” article and “FAQ” will help you learn everything you need to know. Once you’ve had a look at those, read on to learn more about downloading the fual.io apps, viewing your startup feed, and checking for updates.

First things first

  • Download the fual.io app on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)
  • Sign up using the email address that your start-ups use to communicate with you
  • Click the verification link in the email you receive after sign up
  • Log in on the fual.io app
  • You’re all set!

Portfolio updates at your fingertips

  • Once logged in, you’ll immediately see all the start-ups that have subscribed your email address to their update feed
  • You'll know if one of the startups has posted a new update since you last checked, by the red dot on the start-up’s icon
  • To pause notifications from just one startup, you can tap ‘Mute’ in the top right of their update channel.
  • If you’ve like to enable/disable notifications for all startups, tap the Settings cog in the top right of your home screen

Let the updates begin

  • Your work is done! Now you’ll start receiving updates from your portfolio