The best way to update

We help founders put smart money to work by making it fast to share frequent and informative updates that make it easy for people to help you.

The simplest way to keep everyone updated.

We're not here to replace quarterly reporting or board meetings, instead we're here to help ensure everyone feels part of your journey.


Small update, big difference

We take the hassle out of updates, so it's easy to share the small things you'd normally leave out.


Share it on Social

Making a hire? Just released a new product video? Ask your investors to re-share on social with one tap.


Ask for Introductions

Intros are a big deal, so we built a feature that makes it super fast for you to ask (and get) intros.


Invite the Team

Improve knowledge flow by adding some of your team and letting them share updates too.

Easy to Setup

Get started by connecting Slack.

We know you don't need yet another app in your life, so we've built a Slack app that means you and your co-founders can just post updates directly into Slack.

fual.io select slack channel

Connect Slack, select Channel

Sign-in securely with Slack and select which channel you'll be posting updates into.


Tell us who can subscribe

Let us know who's allowed to subscribe to your updates using single or bulk upload.


.. and you're set!

Now it's time to start posting updates and realising the true value of your investors.

Your easiest decision this week

We help founders realise the true value of their investors by making investor updates simple, and engaging.

“fual.io makes it easy to keep our investors updated without the hassle; helping ensure they're always our biggest advocates.”

Nicholas Oliver, founder
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